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Candle Holders

It has been said that the first candles were developed by the Egyptians. Torches were made by soaking the coiled palms leaves. These torches dipped into melted animal. These to (Candles) torches were not very stable and fell over and causing fires. There was a need to make these torches (candle) stable. Torches were needed to light the way and this is where sconces were introduced to halls. Now Torches (candles) could were lined in hallways and would be easy to remove to continue in the dark. Later when candles were being made, they too needed something that would hold them is place to avoid fires. These candleholders are pretty much the same as those you use today.


Since candles were the only means of lighting to get more light more candles were needed. So, hundreds of candles would be placed in brilliant chandeliers. And would be hung from the ceiling. And there would be also Candelabras,


To this day we use candles and need candle holder, now however candles and candle holders are associated with romance beautiful and elegant centerpieces for your table, and give a soft glow while have a bath.