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Chandelier…..just saying the word instantly transports you to grand ballroom, and royal courts. These ornate hanging lights are synonymous with class, wealth.and visions of the lavishcourt of Marie Antoinette . Our ideas have not changed over the past 500 years. Yet the chandelier has a very humble beginning Chandelier began in the 14th century and was of simple design. Made with two wooden beams forming a cross a spike at the end of each to hold a candle although these designs were crude in style they still remained to those of wealth. The Byzantine polycandelon from the 6th century were the first precursor of the chandelier. Small oil-filler glass vessels were fitted into a circular hanging ring suspended from the ceiling with ropes or chains. These chandeliers would cast beautiful shadows on the walls and floors In the 8th century Moorish hanging lamps were another kind of early chandeliers. These lamps were embossed with geometry and symmetry designs. A century later, the circular iron metal appeared in Europe. In the 17th century the first of rock crystal chandeliers appeared. Each crystal was unique in and varied in size and shape. French glass makers were attempting to emulate the rock crystal with molded glass drops In 1976 George Ravenscroft introduced a new kind of glass for crystals. Adding flint glass to the mixture made the glass clearer and easier to cut and prismatic. Venetian glass master were adding molded glass flowers and leafs In 1760 the industrial Revolution began and with it the more decorative objects were now being available to more people. In the mid 1835 new sources of light became to fade the candle out of service. These were cheaper, brighter and more efficient. The oil and kerosene burning chandelier and became common in the second half of the century. Throughout the 20th and 21th centuries the chandelier designs for proved to be remarkably resilient. The electric light bulb chandeliers have become relatively inexpensive repro models made in traditional styles. Allowing all us of that special moment to be transported to a beautiful ballroom and dancing the waltz. Under that beautiful chandelier.