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Since Prometheus gave mankind the gift of fire, man has wanted to drive the darkness away by creating a source of light.....Read more....

Among the first lamps invented by man date back to 70,000BC. These first lamps were of simply forms. A shell or a hollowed out rock. These first lamps were made to holds piece of moss soaked in animal fat. As time moved on other types of material were used. Lamps involved into terracotta, marble and metal. Oil replaced animal fat and wicks were added to prolong the flame. Oil lamps were the most widespread method of light until the end of the 18th century.

With new forms of energy being discovered so were new forms and styles for lamps. In the 19th century, the kerosene lamps were introduced. These lamps body was filled with kerosene a dipped wick with a glass chimney that protected the flame from a draft. This was among the first lamps that could regulate the brightness. The wick was controlled by a twist pen.

Moving forward new energy sources were found, and that meet new designs in lamps moved forward as well.

In the last decades of the 18th century was the time that the first commercial uses of the coal gas. Coal gas could be transported by pipe to supply the lamps. In the early 19th century most cities in the US have their streets lit with gas light.

Then in the late 19th century one of the greatest inventions of all time – electricity. It would be change our world and have an impact of how to light this world around us. At that time a craftsman would conceive and physical make it were one in the same. These lamps were done in a simple form Shaker style that lent to the Protestant ethic. With the industrial revolution mass production was supplying the middle class. A fashion for very ornate decoration emerged. And soon

That was not a home covered in neo-Baroque or neo-Gothic decorations.