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Tea Pots

Tea first Teapot appeared in 780 China during the Yuan Dynasty. First using ceramic kettle and wine pots to brew the tea. Later they were made of bronze and other metals and oranate details.Tea pots were a important feature of the Chinese life for thousands of years. 

Tea and tea pots were being exported to Europe in the early 17th century. Tea and Tea pots came thanks to Portugal's development of sea-routes to China

Britain had been introduced to tea rather later than some other parts of Europe. At it's introduction Tea was on the way to being a widespread social pastime. The earliest British ceramic teapots did not appear until the 1690s Using Chinese ceramic with varying degrees of success, It was then that the British wanted tea-ware to be most beautiful in the world and to establish tea itself as the national drink. The earliest of them may have been Josiah Wedgwood's improved cream-coloured earthenware, which was introduced in the 1760s. This was more attractive to the middle-class consumer